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Somebody needs to put Carlton Cuse out of my misery. He should never never never never NEVER EVER be allowed to do commentary again, good grief.

I vote we put Jack Bender in charge - I actually like him. Plus he made wig jokes, that means he's totally in with me.
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*beats bunny to death with a baseball bat*

I don't know if it's because I recently saw bits and pieces of 'Three Men and a Baby' or because I read 'The Kid' by Dan Savage, but my muse is poking at me. About Cowboy Jack and Sawyer suddenly finding themselves guardians of a little girl.


I don't drink, but apparently my muse still does. WTF?
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Title: “Concrete Sky – 1/?”

Fandom: Lost

Pairing: Jack/Sawyer

Warning: Adults only; language and sexual situations.

Notes: Future fic. Spoilers for S2 and mild spoiler speculation for S3.

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Random Thing One: I am so easily amused - I don't know who sees the hysterical Sonic commercials with the two dudes selling hamburgers and breakfast burritos, but the latest one that I've heard only on the radio is the best yet.

Dude 1: This (whatever spicy new hamburger or something) is awesome.
Dude 2: It's S to the PICY!
Dude 1: What?
Dude 2: It's S to the SPICY!
Dude 1: What are . . . oh, SPICY, I get it. Way to go, Sonic.
Dude 2: Come on! S to the PICY!
Dude 1: I don't talk like that.
Dude 2: C'mon, it's my birthday in three days, S to the PICY! S to the PICY! C'mon, for the Teejer's birthday, S to the PICY!
Dude 1: Okay, okay s to the picy.
Dude 2: Yeah, HA! DORK! You're D to the ORK!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so using that from now on as my favorite insult - D to the ORK!

Random Thing Two:

Why is it that I have no problems with the terms Spangel, Spuffy, Spander, Skate or Jate but JAWYER BUGS THE EVERLOVIN' HELL OUTTA ME? Oh, well, too late. It is firmly embedded in fandom lexicon - I must deal.

Random Thing Three:

I'm not checking my flist due to spoiler phobia. Most people are great at using cuts but when you wrap your reaction around the cut, and we already have an idea of what you like and what you don't, it gives the bare bones of the spoiler and makes me anxious. Sorry!

Random Thing Four:

This weird thing happened today where I sat down, and my fingers moved all over this thing that I think is called a keyboard, and BAM! words appeared on the screen, and they were words about Jack and Sawyer! And they were kinda porny! What the fuck is up with that?

*geez, I hope I didn't just kill my muse*

Random Things Five and Six:

I had two Lost dreams in a row, one with both Foxy and Josh NEKKID (but just nekkid, no sex, but hey! NEKKID!) and Josh won, if you get my meaning, but just barely. I know he won because I looked very closely.

In the second one I was at the  movies with Josh. STILL no sex but I'll take what I can get.

BOOK REC! The Devil In the White City by Erik Larson. Sue loaned this to me and I LOVED it, historical NON-FICTION but it sure as hell doesn't read like non-fiction. It's about the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and all the wacky that went on in it and around. Very good.

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From ME?

Yep, I done JATED it up all over the place, will wonders never cease.

I'm kinda proud of this one. I absolutely adore the song, 'Rain' by Patty Griffin (although there's no rain in the actual video), but it is ANGSTY, lemme tell you.

But it's JATEY! And het as HELL, so there and double neener and stuff. ;)

And yeah, a special guest appearance by Christian.

The direct link:

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ETA: In case the player doesn't work, here's the direct link:

Let me know if there are any problems, besides the obvious one, me not being such a great vidder. ;)


This isn't nearly as cool was what you gave me (which I snuggle all the time) and it's WAY late, but my original project is still on hold because my wingman is still overloaded with work, so instead I offer you this!

A happy, silly and kinda craptastic Jack and Sawyer VIDEO!

It's really just a mish-mash of clips from Season 2, no narrative at all and badly edited, but it's got tons of wet and sweaty and nekkid and grrr and guns and booze and SEX!

It's my very first attempt at vidding, so I apologize for the quality. But I've been unable to write, so I couldn't give you fic, and like I said, my other sooper sekrit project is on hold. Thank you so much for being such a great friend, a great writer, and especially for putting up with my chronic case of crazyass.


The Song: "Let's Be Friends (Skin to Skin)"
The Artist: Bruce Springsteen
The Album: The Rising

*huge apologies to Bruce and Foxy and Josh, but it was fun. :P*

And Allie, I hope this at least makes you smile!

There's another version I made for dial up, but the video and audio is way crappy. It is here:
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What in the hell is the name of the episode with Jack in the shower???
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Oh, Stephen King, you DO make me BOGGLE. I BOGGLE in CapsLock, no less.

Old news to some, but cut just in case.


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And I can't seem to do it - WHY can't I find nekkid pictures of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs?? I know he got nekkid in Hawaii and in South Africa, but all I can find is stuff like this, which is plenty hot but not nekkid:

Dudes, so hot. I have a crush on him that's beyond ridiculous. And he sings opera! And he's single! FUCK YOU, KEITH URBAN, I'M THROWING YOU OVER FOR MIKE ROWE!

But seriously, I want the nekkid. Or caps from the episode where he and the crew got attacked by the monkey.

And why has my font inexplicably changed to Times?


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I've been the worst LJ-er EVAR!

Now on to the fun stuff. While trying to distract myself from writer's block and stoopid real life, I've been having some WAY GAY ADVENTURES. Or at least, I've been trying to have some WAY GAY ADVENTURES. It's been kind of hit and miss.

More of the WAY GAY, in book form.

Then there's THIS:


I haven't read this and there's no way in hell I'm going to, but LOOK AT THAT! 

It's an actual historical gay romance, which , judging from the reviews, is apparently your usual historical romance and follows the usual historical romance novel formula, just with the chick turned into a dude. Supposedly quite serious and not at all smutty - BUT LOOK AT THAT!



You can search for it on,  if you dare! ZOMGHAHAHAHAHAHA!


So that's the state of me and some recs and non-recs.

How're YOU doin'?


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